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Exploiting hidden talents & gifts by helping/encouraging one to search within to find their personal gifts. by teaching and instilling the Bible verse and Guichet Unique Motto. Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ whom gives me strength”. As long as you have your Vision and a small mustard seed of Faith, with GOD NOTHING will ever be Impossible. You just gotta learn, and we’ll.. Ms. McCorkle is here to teach you.

Family and Consumer Science middle grade teacheR

Family and consumer science Bachelors of science concentration:apparel design

from the illustrious North Carolina CENTRAL UNiVERSITY

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Have you always wanted to learn how to sew but never Tapped in? Or do you have the skill but get so frustrated in the process that you give up on the the craft? Well,everybody has to start off as a beginner one day. It’s more so sticking to it that gets you to the next level. Im here to be your guide and accountability partner ! To help you obtain not only the skill of mastering the sewing fundamentals but your design thinking process as well. In hopes you may see all of your Fashion desires come true.

Everything is everything don’t you get it?

All you have to do is think of a master plan and stick with it.

Write it down, speak it into existence or it will remain a thought,

If you let the cat hold your tongue you’ll only speak what you were taught.

Monkey see monkey do.

The copycat ways are so old its time for something new.

Witchcraft will have you stuck on which craft you want to pursue,

If you keep your faith in god whatever path he places you on

He’ll make sure you see it through.

Take chances and risks you better accept the challenge.

When it comes to superstitions you have to face your fears

Be a savage

Living in my own world.

Not living in a trap I stepped out the box,

Cause I was the one who touched the stove when my mama told me don’t and learned my lesson that shxt really is hot.

I got tired of staring at the same 4 corners North, South, East, West,

My curiosities had me confused on which way was best.

My compass broke I realized I was in the middle of nowhere,

Asking myself what am I doing here.

I’m sorry if I seem uninterested to the norms I’m sorry my dear

My math just showed me I have unlimited access to infinity and beyond.

True story, thanks Buzz Light Year,

I used my toys to enhance my imagination while my days began to tally.

Please excuse my dear aunt sally,

My times tables taught me how to multiply my gains.

The wealth of the wicked is really in the drops of the rain,


There is no taste

Showing us this world doesn’t need added flavor to be a better place.

Four seasons that’s all we need to harvest our destiny.

Remember I told you my struggles were just god testing me.

I got through it

Now watch me grow.

I forgot to warn you in the beginning.

To not get Kaught up in my flow,

It seams I got you twisted.

The Evolution not the Revolution,

Catching my dreams is my resolution.

Bump the climax. I’m chasing the end

Because the finish line is really where my story begins

My 40 acres give me mine.

Kendrick Lamar taught me how to poetically grind.

I use my thoughts to write hits

And my hands to create fits

Mix it together that’s a fly mix

My flow unique and my style is very rare

No shopping I just make everything I wear

I do it because I never want to be no basic

I do it I change it up, so they can’t imitate it

The only thing they can do is just hate it

But I’m to far ahead their steps,

I can’t even trace it.

In my own lane so they cant see me chase it.

Stay low on my grind pray to god he bless it.

So when I make it, No surprise

I just kept them guessing.

Everyday the Lord teaches me a different lesson.

So when I come up they cant say the bottom wasn’t a blessing.

I stay up, I work hard, I don’t do no resting.

Think they know me, but they only know what they see.

In their minds Kam is really what they want to be.

Can’t catch me in my zone because I’m so gone.

But always in my business trying to catch what I do wrong.

It’s okay because I know just how it goes,

That’s why I say less and keep my grind on the low.

On my own so gone chasing that good life.

When I come up, just know Kammy Kamm did it right.

“The Perception is the brush, The Interpretation is the paint”

- Kamryn McCorkle