Perfection is a disease

By: Kamryn McCorkle 2016

A beautiful face to be worn naturally that was created for a purpose. Painted over a mask created because perfection made me feel worthless. When I look in the mirror what do I see? A new face and the girl that I used to be. Picked on because of my apparent flaws. My hair, my skin, my beliefs my confidence confined by invisible walls. I created them myself. I was being judged by my appearance, my health, and my wealth. Perfect; I tried my hardest to make sure it was me. Until I realized beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not society.

You see, Our nation looks up to these celebrities that wear layers and layers of make-up. Who gets praised for their bodies, talents, in reality, most of their lives are corrupt. Portraying lives that's not real they only do it to be flashy. All the money to spend in the world, but most of them aren't even happy. I used to look up to them until I realized their lives were no better than mine. Fake hair, boobs, butts, almost everything plastic just so they could look like a "dime". It's only on a scale from one to ten anyway. I honestly don't care about a rating because I love the skin I'm in regardless of what someone has to say.

Living my life like its golden, not living in vain. Pretty hurts too much I'd rather not feel the pain. It's not just women, I'm sure men feel the same. Pretending to be hard just to stay in the game. Treating our women wrong like they weren't properly raised, their hearts they deprive. Hauling around drugs making dirty money, getting blazed just so they can survive. That's not perfect that's stupid. Walking around with their pants on the ground, jail is where they will probably get recruited. Sports like football and basketball going to the league is almost every man's dream. Cant even pay full attention in class just to fit in on the team. A “suit and tie” are what they should be wearing every day? To be classified as CEO's and Managers making a decent pay? Perfection once again the good life they have to portray so that a good looking woman can simply look their way.

The attention it is something that a lot of people want. Buying expensive clothes and cars just so they can flaunt. Don't ever judge a book by its cover, looks can be deceiving. Learn the person first, that's why it should always be a Face to Face meeting. Some call it a date. Liking perfect could eventually turn into loving hate. I've learned to love myself despite my flaws and I've realized you don't have to try to be perfect, to learn how to love all. 🦋